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The Story of a Name and a Reimagined Vision

The Problem

TRAITS, once tangled in a myriad of services under the name Concord Consulting, found itself at a crossroads. Despite offering innovative tools for enhancing team dynamics, their message was lost in a sea of offerings, obscuring their standout psychographic tool designed for smarter hiring and team alignment.

How TRAITS streamlined its focus and emerged as a leader in psychographic workplace solutions.


How We Helped

Clear & Loud dove deep with market research to unearth the true potential of TRAITS’ psychographic tool, spearheading a strategic pivot that placed this innovative offering at the forefront. Our approach led to a transformative rebranding, starting with a strategic name change and evolving into a complete identity makeover. This shift was designed to showcase the tool’s key role in enhancing team recruitment and cohesion. The end result was a powerful website to reach new customers and excitement among existing clients for the strategic focus and sharpened identity of TRAITS.


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“The new name and brand have been very well received. We’ve seen a drastic uptick in our referral numbers since the launch—and more referrals are converting to sales more quickly. Because of our new website they seem to be better educated and prepared to start working with us after the first call.”—Mike Moreau, CEO TRAITS