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What is Storybrand?

StoryBrand, created by Donald Miller, simplifies marketing into a seven-part framework. It turns your customer into a story’s hero and your brand into their guide. This approach resonates because it’s easy to understand and shifts focus from the company to the customer’s journey. By aligning marketing with storytelling, StoryBrand ensures your marketing message is not just heard but felt. It’s a customer-centric model that guides you in using effective storytelling in marketing.

The 7 Elements of the Storybrand Framework


A Character: The customer, who is the hero of the story.


Has a Problem: Identifies the challenge the customer is facing.


Meets a Guide: Your brand steps in as a guide to help the hero


Who Gives Them a Plan: Offering solutions to the customer’s problem.


That Calls Them to Action: Encouraging the customer to engage with your brand.


That Helps Them Avoid Failure: Showcasing how your solution prevents negative outcomes.


And Ends in a Success: Illustrating the positive results of choosing your solution.

Each element is a step in the journey of positioning the customer as the hero and your brand as the guide to their success.

Why Story Driven Marketing is so Powerful

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Story clarifies your

By understanding your customer’s story and the problems they face you know how to position your product. 

Story captures

Stories cut through the noise and get your audience to take notice.

Story makes you memorable

People forget data and flashy design, but a story is unforgettable.


Clear & Loud helped me think through the overall strategy of my business. Since working with them, I’ve done more than just make more money. I’ve become more efficient and productive.


”Clear & Loud is our go-to partner for clear messaging content— they nail it every time.”


”Clear & Loud helped our brand stand out from the competition. Our website looks great!”

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The Biggest Storybrand DIY Mistakes People Make

(Or why it’s wise to work with a Certified Guide instead of doing your website yourself.)

Too Formulaic

If it’s used too mechanically and strictly the framework can be clunky and distracting. Creativity is crucial.

Too Simple

Clarity is important, but depending on your industry you don’t want to oversimplify and hide your expertise.

Too Fear Based

Stating the problem your client faces can be overdone and come off as an overly scary or manipulative.

Too StoryBrand

Fans of Storybrand can be guilty of our own kind of insider language. It’s important that you speak to your audience in language they understand.

Let’s talk Storybrand!

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We used the StoryBrand Framework to transform Abilities Rehabilitation’s marketing and brand strategy.

Heather Branscombe, the Clinical Director and Owner of Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation, was a die-hard StoryBrand fan. She had read Don Miller’s book, Building a StoryBrand, and attended his workshop online, but knew she needed a Certified guide to implement the framework.

The Clear & Loud team listened carefully to Heather and her staff, and then crafted a powerful BrandScript for Abilities Rehab. We refreshed their logo and visual branding and produced a video for their website. We restructured their website and re-wrote all the copy so that new patients could more easily find their nearest clinic and better understand what makes Abilities Rehab so special.

Getting Started is Easy


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Get a Clear Plan

We’ll give you a clear proposal for the services that will help you launch your project and increase your revenue.


Launch your Vision

We’ll implement your strategy so your idea comes to life—one that connects with the right customers, and can keep growing.

Meet Your Canada-Based StoryBrand Certified Guide

Hi, I'm Josh Harris, your friendly neighborhood wordsmith and brand messaging specialist.

My journey with StoryBrand over the past five years has shown me just how powerful the right words can be in bringing a business’s message to life. Think of it as not just a tool, but a magic wand that brings unity, clarity, and confidence to your team’s communication. I’m all about diving deep into your story, discovering that unique voice that makes you, well, you.

My bond with Donald Miller is special – I’ve known him since I was 17. He’s more than just a business and marketing guru—he’s a friend and his framework has transformed my approach to brand-building.

Ready to embark on a storytelling adventure together? Let’s chat over a strategy call – I’m excited to hear your story and explore how we can make it resonate “clear and loud”!

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My Experience

My journey fuels a unique perspective in storytelling and brand strategy

Best-Selling Author: I’ve written six books that have sold more than 2 million copies and been translated into dozens of languages.

TEDx Speaker: I’ve spoken to live audiences of tens of thousands around the world, and my TEDx Talk has more than 220,000 views.

Social Influencer: On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube I’ve built an audience of more than 175,000 people.

Filmmaker: I wrote and co-produced a crowd-funded, award-winning documentary now streaming on Amazon and YouTube.

Media Voice: I’ve been interviewed by Bill Maher, Axios on HBO, and I’ve been featured in the Washington Post and numerous other media outlets.

Pastor-Coach: My 17 years as a pastor of a mega church honed my skill in translating complex subjects to a broad audience.

Clarify Your Brand Message Today

At Clear & Loud we believe that clarity changes everything. Before you build a website, or campaign or product, invest the time to get a crystal clear understanding of your audience, how you help them, and what they need to hear.

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Did you notice my call to action?

One of the seven Storybrand elements is a clear “Call to Action” or CTA. Mine has been repeated many times on this page. I want you to “Schedule a Call”. Here’s what happens when you do...


I start by asking some questions.

I want to hear about your business or project and what your goals are.


I give away knowledge.

I don’t treat these like sales calls. I treat them like a strategy session and give as much advice and help as possible—no strings attached.


I define next steps.

If you want to take the next step, I can prepare a simple proposal. There is zero pressure or expectation.