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Inbox Booths

Energizing Sales Nationwide with Inbox Booths.

The Problem

Inbox Booths is a growing company with a great product—soundproof booths that enable focused work and private conversations. They needed to scale and wanted to pull off a herculean task, fast: mobilize and train a national sales team. They hit a wall with the scope of the task. They needed a powerhouse to catalyze this massive endeavor with expertise and dynamism their busy team couldn’t spare.

Ambitious sales team launch meets strategy and execution powerhouse.


How We Helped

Clear & Loud stepped in, igniting the project with strategy and action. We tailored landing pages, wrote and directed videos, crafted ad content, and handled the CRM and systems needed in the recruitment and training process of “Inboxers” across North America, all while keeping costs in check through strategic automation and precise project management.


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The launch saw an impressive surge of over 300 applications in the first month, signaling a strong start for the Inbox Unlocked program of ambitious sales team expansion.