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Hello Yello

Cultivating Community: The Hello Yello Movement.

The Problem

The concept of Hello Yello had been voted the top idea for combatting social isolation at the Brand’s for Better event. But after the initial excitement Hello Yello’s vision to warm up Vancouver with friendliness faced a standstill—no momentum, no leadership, just an great idea waiting to spread its wings.

A vision for a friendlier Vancouver, stalled without strategy or direction.


How We Helped

Kelly and Josh guided Hello Yello from vision to action. In our role as community-building consultants, we defined a strategy to ignite engagement, from volunteer recruitment to leading lively local events. Our tactical expertise and energetic execution turned Hello Yello into a beacon of collaboration, sparking connections throughout Vancouver’s public spaces.


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Key Results


Key collaborations with sponsor companies and organizations.


Volunteers recruited and trained to Hello Yello ambassadors.


Hours and counting volunteers invested into building community.