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What happens when you fail to prioritize community?


When members feel isolated, it’s a clear sign of disconnection. A lack of regular, meaningful interactions can lead to a fragmented community, where individuals feel alone even in a crowd.

Low Engagement

Low engagement levels, especially in activities that once drew interest, indicate a loss of connection and commitment. This often results in decreased attendance and reduced involvement in community projects.


An increase in complaints and criticism, rather than constructive feedback, points to underlying dissatisfaction and discord. It’s a symptom that trust and open communication are eroding within the community.

Volunteer Vacuum

A noticeable decrease in volunteers for events and initiatives is a red flag. It signifies a lack of willingness to contribute time and effort, essential for a thriving, supportive community.

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How Building a Community Boosts Your Business

Our Framework Helps You

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Deepen Commitment

Enhance member dedication, turning participants into passionate advocates.

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Ignite Enthusiasm

Spark a wave of excitement that ripples through your community.

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Inspire Participation

Galvanize volunteers by aligning with their values and driving purposeful action.

The Kinds of
Organizations We Help


Cities and Townships struggling to create a sense of belonging among diverse residents.


Government Agencies who need to effectively integrate and involve people in community-driven initiatives.


Conferences and Events that know they’re missing the mark in facilitating meaningful connections among attendees.


Businesses looking to foster a collaborative and connected group among their customers.


Gyms and Fitness Centers who can only retain clients if they create a community, not just a workout venues.


BIAs and Volunteer Groups facing low engagement and participation in their events and initiatives.

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Our day long strategy session is the starting point for fostering community spirit in your organization or locale.


Empowering you with the
tools to build and sustain
your community.


We’ll help craft the words and build the communication strategy to implement your plan.

Transform Your Community with Our Innovative Framework

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Discover the Potential Within

Embark on a journey to understand the soul of your community. Our intensive day-long strategy session, is the first step in discovering the unique DNA of your community. Through research and interactive surveys, we’ll identify the vital connectors, uncover stress points, and highlight the opportunities in your group.

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Strategy That Speaks to Your Needs

Every community has its pulse, its rhythm, and its unique set of challenges. Our consulting is designed to listen to that pulse and create a strategy for your specific context. By focusing on the people who weave the fabric of your community, we’ll pinpoint the connection points and contexts that need nurturing, ensuring your plan is not just a document, but a roadmap to unity and growth.

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Implementation for Impact

We go beyond advising to help you implement the changes that will make a difference. From planning community events to activating training structures, we ensure that your vision is translated into actionable steps that lead to tangible results.

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Ongoing Support for Sustained Success

The journey doesn’t end with implementation. We offer support to ensure your community doesn’t just experience a one-time surge but continues to thrive. By regularly revisiting and refining your strategy, we’ll help you stay ahead of challenges and maintain momentum.

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Meet Our Team

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Get to Know Kelly Lamb, Our Community Catalyst

Kelly Lamb, who calls Vancouver home, is the heartbeat of our Community Consulting team at Clear & Loud. In her role at the volunteer team, Hello Yello, she’s combined her passion for the city with a flair for cultivating high-performance teams.

Kelly’s approach is rooted in bringing people together with a clear purpose. She’s fearless in tackling the tough questions and champions authenticity in a way that melts away barriers, creating space for genuine connections. Her strategic thinking, coupled with her empathetic listening and strong leadership, make her an invaluable asset. Whether it’s through her “Bold” podcast or in person, Kelly has a knack for sparking strategies that weave communities together.

With Kelly, community building isn’t just about plans and processes; it’s about nurturing a sense of belonging where everyone feels seen, heard, and connected.

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Meet Josh Harris, A Visionary for Human Connection

Josh Harris’s unique story, marked by a shift from traditional religious structures to advocating freedom and growth, gives him a unique perspective on fostering healthy communities.

Josh recognizes the profound impact of an exodus from traditional churches and community structures. He sees a societal thirst for connection and belonging in new forms. Drawing from this insight, he is dedicated to guiding individuals and groups in building vibrant, supportive communities, filling the gaps left by traditional institutions.

At Clear & Loud, Josh leverages this understanding to create story-driven content that resonates with the human longing for purpose and connection. 

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