Canada Digital Adoption Program

How to Get the Biggest Bang
from the $2,400 CDAP Micro-Grant

We’ve created a special package of services to boost your e-commerce impact and get the most from the CDAP “Grow Your Business Online” Grant

Here’s the Challenge
with a Micro-Grant

The CDAP Grow Your Business Online Grant is awesome.

Small businesses need all the help they can get to improve their e-commerce efforts. But it can be hard to find services that fit the budget.

  • The grant is not enough to build a fully functioning new website
  • Larger agencies aren’t structured to handle small one-off projects.
  • It’s hard to know what will actually make a difference.

(Want grant info? How it works and eligibility details are here.)

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We Created a Package of Services that Fits the Grant Budget!

We’ve created a customized package of services just for the CDAP “Grow Your Business Online” Grant. We call it the “Foundations Package” because it undergirds an effective e-commerce presence.

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Get Started Today

Here’s What is Included

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Message Strategy

Dive into a tailored message strategy session where we focus on connecting your offerings to the needs of your ideal client, enhancing your e-commerce sales potential. We’ll map out a plan that speaks directly to your target market, ensuring every piece of content helps close the deal.

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Complete Copywriting

Receive “every word on the page” copywriting services for three key webpages. Our content will be crafted to capture attention and drive conversions, focusing on the unique value your e-commerce platform offers to users.

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Wireframe UX Layout

Benefit from a detailed wireframe UX layout for each page, designed to streamline user experience and facilitate smoother customer journeys on your website. This layout will ensure that potential customers find exactly what they need, boosting engagement and sales.

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Digital Adoption Implementation

We’ll do a technology strategy session to assess your digital needs. We’ll help you deploy digital technologies for scheduling, booking, and payment processing so that your e-commerce can grow. 

You’ll have everything you need to get your website designed and developed!

How to Get Started


Schedule a Call

In our initial consult we’ll discuss how to qualify for CDAP, and map out the key pages that we’ll create for you (whether it’s a new site or new section).


Boost Your E-Commerce

We’ll create a message strategy and write all the copy for 3 pages on your site.


Get reimbursed and launched!

You’ll get the foundations package reimbursed and have everything you need to implement your new webpages. (You are responsible to apply for the CDAP reimbursement yourself.)

These Services Normally Cost over $7,000

We’re Providing Them to CDAP Recipients for just $2,400

Special Rate Only for CDAP Micro-Grant Participants: $2,400
$ 2400
  • 90 Minute Message Strategy Session ($1500 value)
  • Complete Copywriting for 3 Webpages ($3500 value)
  • Detailed wireframe UX layout of all three pages ($1000 value)
  • Art direction guidance for design and imagery ($500 value)
  • Consultation for ecommerce plugins, scheduling tools, automation tools ($250)
  • Guidance for design & development options (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc)
$7000 value


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“Clear & Loud helped us clarify our message and then wrote all the copy for our website in a clean wireframe. All we had to do was build it ourselves in Squarespace!”

Old Paths Spiritual Direction
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“When launching my new business, I needed someone who could craft my story into a brand. Josh and Kelly turned what would have been an overwhelming task into an inspiring process.”

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“We needed a new page to sell directly to furniture dealers. Clear & Loud wrote the strategic copy. They made it easy for our web developer to build it. ”


Our Foundations Package
is Perfect For

Existing businesses who are launching a new online presence

and who want their ecommerce to have the same warmth and personality as their brick and mortar store.

Service providers like coaches and therapists

who can only effectively sell their services if their online site is built to convert visitors to clients.

Businesses launching a new service

who want to make sure they promote it will and engage their target audience.

Let’s boost your e-commerce!

Web Certified Since 2018 Black

Hi, I’m Josh. A fellow small business owner and story-driven copywriter.

I love to create websites that actually work–that grow your business and lead to sales. I’m a StoryBrand Certified Copywriter which means I know how to connect your service to the story of your customer.

As a small business owner myself, I know even a micro-grant can make a big impact if you invest it right. I’m excited to work with you and create a message and copy foundation that will boost your e-commerce efforts.

What's Not Included

We can help with the following services (but they’re not part of the $2,400 package)

  • Logo or Brand design
  • Final Website design
  • Photography
  • Website Development
  • Additional Copywriting for extra pages
  • CRM implementation
  • Applying for the CDAP reinbursement

You’ll Have All You Need to Design and Develop Your Site

Message Strategy

How to connect to your ideal client’s needs and boost sales.

Compelling Copywriting

Powerful words to get attention and make your site convert.

UX Design Wireframe

The right flow and wireframe mock-up to boost your ecommerce.

Digital Technology

Guidance on implementing scheduling, booking, and payment systems.

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And Here’s Why this is So Valuable

The most difficult part of creating an effective website is copywriting and user experience design that makes people buy your service or product. And that’s what our Foundations package covers. It sets you up for success. 

And you can either implement our work yourself or have us or another website developer do it for you.

Learn About the CDAP Grant

You can learn more about eligibility and expenses covered at the CDAP Grow Your Business Online website. And we’d be happy to jump on a call to help you understand the requirements and if you qualify.  Please note that you’re responsible for applying for the reimbursement. And we can’t assume responsibility if for some reason you are denied the reimbursement.