I’m Joshua Harris and I love it when people get my company’s name wrong.

It happens all the time—people accidentally use the cliché phrase “loud and clear.” Why do I love it? Because it gives me the chance to explain the significance of our name.

I believe the key to good marketing is starting with clarity.

Too many companies make the mistake of trying to be loud in their marketing before they are clear. The results are disastrous.

Before you build a website, launch a new product, start an ad campaign, or spend money on social media, you need a clear message.

Schedule a call today and let’s explore how Clear & Loud can help you use the power of story to clarify and then amplify your message.

Proven Wordsmith

I’ve written six books that sold over 2 million copies. I can help you refine your message and craft compelling content.

Consultant & Coach

I’m an experienced leader who understands the importance of clarity not just in marketing but in business strategy.

Creative Team

I bring together a talented team of designers, web developers, photographers and illustrators to work on your project.

Our Clients

What Clients Are Saying

At every stage of our journey with Joshua he not only listened to our words but more importantly he demonstrated the ability to hear and discern the heart of our organization. Joshua has left us with a clear strategic picture of the space that our brand can thrive in, and we are truly thrilled with his work.

Daniel Whitehead

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

We were struggling to express our company’s vision. We hit a wall and needed someone to take us to the next level. Our two-day intensive with Joshua was a powerful and highly productive experience. He brought a fresh and strategic perspective through his extensive background, intentional questions and the Storybrand framework. We were left with more clarity and a forward-thinking attitude. Joshua brought us to new heights and it is one of the best investments we’ve made so far.

Josh Oliver

Living Matters

Joshua was key to extracting and articulating the value we provide our clients, then delivering that story through his written content on our website.

Adam Lotinsky


Our Mission

At Clear & Loud, we help businesses clarify and amplify their message.

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