The Top 7 Things

To Know About Clear & Loud

Group 80

Goldilocks would choose us

We’re not a too-big overwhelming agency, nor are we as informal as individual freelancers. We offer the perfect blend of cohesive structure and personalized attention, ensuring our services are “just right” for your business needs.

Group 81

We love it when people say our name wrong.

It’s a common mix-up: people accidentally use the cliché phrase “loud and clear.” But it gives us a chance to share our philosophy. “Clear & Loud” isn’t just a name; it’s our guiding principle. We emphasize clarity in communication before making it loud, ensuring your message is understood and then amplified.

Group 82

We’re a strategy and words first creative team.

Some teams start with design, or technology. Our approach begins with solid strategy and a focus on the power of words. We believe that a strong message lays the foundation for effective design and development, ensuring your brand’s story is told with impact and precision.

Group 83

We lead a talented team of contract-based pros.

Not having the overhead of a full-time staff keeps lets us stay nimble. Each project gets a handpicked team, tailored to its specific needs. This approach allows us to provide top-notch talent suited for your project’s unique challenges, ensuring better value and a perfect skill match for every task.

Group 84

Kelly is a momentum-generating ninja.

Kelly brings a dynamic energy essential for driving projects forward. Her strategic thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial in turning innovative ideas into actionable plans. Her commitment to building high-performing teams ensures that every project not only starts strong but maintains its momentum.

Group 85

Josh is a story-driven wordsmith.

Josh’s passion lies in shaping narratives that transform visions into compelling stories. He’s a 5+ year StoryBrand Certified Guide and has a rich background as a magazine editor and best-selling author. He knows how to craft a clear and engaging narrative for every project, turning abstract ideas into relatable stories that resonate.

Group 87

Our fastball is big launch energy.

We specialize in giving projects the initial push they need to soar. With our “big launch energy,” we help brands make a significant impact right from the start, infusing your projects with the momentum and excitement they deserve.

We put your vision into words that reach people and systems that sustain growth.

Shelter Bay

”Clear & Loud helped us launch a development with a new neighbourhood name, website and compelling social presence. We’re so proud of what they created for us.”

Inbox Booths

”Clear & Loud is our go-to partner for clear messaging content— they nail it every time.”


”Clear & Loud helped our brand stand out from the competition. Our website looks great!”


What Happens When You Schedule a Call?


We start by asking some questions.

We want to hear about your business or project and what your goals are.


We give away knowledge.

We don’t treat these like sales calls. We treat them like a strategy session and give as much advice and help as possible—no strings attached.


We define next steps.

If you want to take the next step, we can prepare a simple proposal. There is zero pressure or expectation.