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Ally Fallon
A Book in 6 Months

Crafting the narrative for success, one chapter at a time.

The Problem

Ally Fallon, a seasoned writing coach, faced the daunting task of launching her live online course amidst a hectic life as an author, wife and mom. Overwhelmed trying to manage her own staff and dissatisfied with previous agency support, Ally needed a dependable team to bring her vision to fruition without compromising her personal commitments.

From overwhelmed author to launch-ready coach with a profitable online course.


How We Helped

Kelly stepped in as Ally’s operational guru, overseeing the intricate details of launching her online course. The result was a high-converting website and backend systems that efficiently managed Ally’s course sign-ups. By streamlining operations and automating her CRM, we offered Ally the support she needed at a cost-effective price point. Our hands-on project management guided the initiative from start to finish, ensuring every piece fell into place just right.


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“I had hoped to have 50 people sign up. With Clear & Loud’s help, we exceeded expectations with 76 course registrations.” – Ally Fallon