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5th World

Regenerating the world, one click at a time.

The Problem

The visionary founders of 5th World had dream to revolutionize agriculture and land management by marrying web3 tech with permaculture principles. But they lacked a clear brand and digital presence. Their world-changing idea was ready to sprout, yet they needed a voice and strategy to cultivate an audience and grow.

Great concept, no voice: A regenerative startup’s journey from obscurity to online prominence.


How We Helped

Stepping into the roles of fractional CMO and strategic leader, Josh and Kelly became the architects behind 5th World’s brand revolution. They crafted a dynamic marketing strategy hinging on impactful storytelling through a weekly newsletter and vibrant social media engagement. By assembling and quarterbacking a dedicated team of content creators, including video producers and social media wizards, they transformed 5th World’s digital landscape. Their strategic acumen helped position 5th World as a key player in the regenerative movement, magnifying their online presence and audience engagement.


5thworld social
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Key Results

Over 17,000 Followers
on Instagram

Millions of views on
YouTube and TikTok

Booking the Co-CEOs as
speakers at SXSW